▲Office building of KEDA (INDIA)
  Respect and inclusion, cultural integration
India is a very religious country. Cultural integration is the only way to win the respect and trust of local employees.
▲Employees sing and dance at the Diwali 
  The core of cultural integration is inclusion and respect. Since last year, KEDA (INDIA) has hired a Nepalese chef to serve authentic Indian food to local staff. The Chinese management team have visited the homes of different employees, had dinner with their families, talked about home affairs, beliefs, and topics they are concerned about.
  Cultivate fertile soil for talents and open up channels for talents
  As early as 2021, in order to facilitate on-site management and activate the potential of "localization" of human resources, KEDA (INDIA) has successively appointed Indian managers of various departments, forming an organizational structure of one Chinese manager and one Indian manager in each department, opening up the career advancement channel of Indian employees, and greatly stimulating the enthusiasm of Indian grass-roots managers.
  Appoint and put them in management position is an important measure implemented by KEDA (INDIA) according to local conditions.
Nikunj.M., Deputy Production Manager 
Current KEDA (INDIA) Finance Manager (India Manager) Manoj
  Build management system to enhance management benefits
  Due to cultural differences, Indians generally have a style of casual freedom, especially for the situation of KEDA (INDIA), where Chinese managers cannot reach the scene for a long time due to the special situation, it is imperative to build a localized management system.
  "Localization" still has a long way to go...