KEDA BOZUYUK (TURKEY) Plant Lay the Foundation

On March 18, at Turkey's CANAKKALE victory anniversary, KEDA's globalization once again ushered in a milestone moment. At 11 a.m. local time, "Connecting Continents, Succeeding Future” themed KEDA Turkey BOZUYUK Plant Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony" was held in BOZUYUK, Turkey.
Mr. Bian Cheng, chairman of KEDA, Mr. Cemal Geren, director of BOZUYUK industrial zone management committee, Mr. Veli Celik, director of BOZUYUK industry and commerce bureau, Mr. Zhou Yanquan, president of Chinese enterprises general chamber of commerce, Mr. Wang Xinghua, president of Izmir overseas Chinese association, Mr. Yao Jie, director of overseas marketing of KEDA, Mr. Liu Xiaodong, general manager of KEDA Europe, Ms. Yang Yu, general manager of the Turkey-Saud-Russia marketing area of KEDA Ceramics, Mr. Guan Huojin, general manager of DLT, more than 20 owners and directors of Turkey's famous ceramic enterprises, representatives of ZTT Technology Co., Ltd., banks and design companies, a total of more than 120 people gathered in BOZUYUK to witness the moment.
At the beginning of the event, all the people presented kept in silent a minute in memory of the victims of the February 6 earthquake in Turkey.
Mr. Necmi, the agent of KEDA in Turkey, expressed his appreciation for presence of the guests and pointed out that the completion of the KEDA production base will enhance effective use of the labor force of Turkey and increase the competitiveness of KEDA products in Turkey as well as in the international market."
Ms. Yang Yu, recalled in her speech, "I joined KEDA International in 2005, and in that year, KEDA’s first polishing line started running in Turkey; for 18 years, from 2005 to 2023, KEDA walked a glorious path."
"In 2015, the first complete plant engineering constructed by KEDA with a daily output of 18,000 m2 was successfully put into operation in Turkey, which was a symbol that China mode with high output entered Turkey. In 2017, we set up subsidiaries and spare parts warehouse in Turkey, to build up localized service system, after that time, KEDA ushered in a rapid development period in Turkey, and totally 70 presses, 27 kilns and more than 60 polishing lines were installed in Turkey. Thanks a lot for your trust and support, KEDA has grown from small to big and from weak to strong. Turkey is my second hometown. There are many brothers, sisters, relatives and friends here, which carries my special emotions. I believe that the completion of the BOZUYUK plant will start better service and create greater value for customers." Ms. Yang Yu said.
Mr. Cemal Geren, director of the management committee of the BOZUYUK Industrial Zone, said: "KEDA, as a leader in the ceramic industry, invests in BOZUYUK, which will be conduce to the people and economy of the region. The committee and the BOZUYUK Municipal government will give all the support needed. We hope KEDA Bozuyuk Plant to be completed and put into operation as early as possible."
Mr. Mehmet Oğuzman, chairman of TERMAL SERAMIK Turkey, said in his speech, "I started buying equipment from Italy and Germany. I was the first person in Turkey to import Chinese equipment. When I imported Chinese equipment, many people doubted it. "We are very happy with the KEDA equipment and the results are very good, we will further cooperate with KEDA and introduce two more production lines."
Mr. Erhan Akgun, chairman of AKGUN GROUP, believes that KEDA invests in the region with the most concentrated ceramics production area in Turkey, which is the best place for KEDA. In the process of building the production base, we will provide help. The Akgun Group has run more than 80 years in Turkey and has five plants. We are very happy with KEDA's equipment and want to continue using it. If KEDA can localize operation and design in Turkey, we will be even more happy.
Mr. Zhou Yanquan, president of the general chamber of commerce of Chinese enterprises in Turkey, said in his speech that the combination of BOZUYUK's clay resources and KEDA's advanced technology, investment and international marketing network has achieved a win-win situation for all parties, which is also a full reflection of the Belt and Road Initiative, joint construction and sharing. KEDA's investment fully shows the confidence of Chinese enterprises on the Turkish market. It is hoped that KEDA will become a sample project to attract more Chinese enterprises to invest in Turkey and take root here.
As a special part of the ceremony, KEDA Turkey donated 500,000 lira to the earthquake-stricken areas for the reconstruction after earthquake.
Mr. Bian Cheng, said in his final speech that KEDA has made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese ceramic equipment industry by providing competitive and cost performance products for customers over the past 30 years since its establishment. KEDA has been in the Turkey for 18 years and has brought cost-effective equipment to the Turkish ceramic industry, which will be further strengthened in the future. The main purpose of us is to provide cost-effective parts and consumables to Turkish ceramic industry, for the competitive of equipment, consumables and accessories. KEDA is a bridge, to bring product with good cost performance, more preferential and convenient services to customers.
"Despite the bad economic environment in recent years, KEDA achieved the best performance last year thanks to globalization strategy," said Mr. Bian Cheng. “Besides benefiting customers, we build a plant in Turkey is also for our employees. Local employees and Chinese staff will get the return and deserve their happy life."
"Besides ceramic machinery, KEDA also takes lead in the field of brick machinery and stone machinery. The cost of Chinese ceramic equipment is about two-third of Italian equipment, while the cost of brick equipment and stone equipment is only one-third of Italian equipment. We should pay high attention on this market. Today, when KEDA is 18 years old, it is a new beginning of KEDA ceramic machinery, and we hope to have a new beginning in brick machinery and stone machinery." "He said.
"In Turkey, which is on the border of Eurasia, I am pleased that Turkey accepts Chinese people and equipment. You have no prejudice against China, so our cooperation will be more pleasant in the next step. I hope to speed up the start of production and I will come to Turkey to meet you again when the plant to be put into operation!" The Bencher was eager.
In the afternoon, invited by the chairman of Termal Seramik Ceramics Enterprises, Mr. Bian Cheng and his delegation visited the factory of Termal Seramik Enterprises, the long-term partner of KEDA.
About the "globalization", Mr. Bian Cheng has pointed out that KEDA will transform from a ceramic machinery manufacturer to an industrial service provider that provides all-round solutions in the future, and put its services in the forefront, especially in key markets such as Europe, and enforce it as soon as possible. "Connecting Continents, Succeeding Future" themed KEDA BOZUYUK plant is a key step in this transformation, as a new starting point, KEDA will create more value for customers around the world, and jointly create a mutually beneficial future with customers.