The 1st Centralized Control Polishing Line for Slab Debuted

In December, 2019, the 1st Centralized control polishing line for slab debuted in Gaoming Best, a factory of Guangdong Shuncheng Group, producing 1600×3200×6 (mm) polishing glazed slab.

Centralized control system
The production process of the line is transparent, informationized and traceable, which makes the production management easier and more effective. It is the first time that the polishing management staffs, just sitting in their office, can keep tracing the running situation of this line.
 Video monitoring of all procedures
Digital control machine operation
Automatic generating management reports
Abnormal production auto recognition and control
Tile posture auto regulating
Auto recognition and separating of unqualified product
Parameters (based on 1600×3200×6mm slab)

NC polishing machine
NC auto squaring machine
NC swing type LUXCO coating machine


KEDA Production Line Succeeded in Running in South Korea

On June 6th 2019, a double-layer roller kiln constructed by KEDA was successfully put into production in SAM YOUNG, a well-known ceramic enterprise in South Korea, and the excellence rate reached 95%, which won high recognition of the customer.
The new wall & floor tile production line of SAM YOUNG constructed by KEDA, consists of two presses KD5008, two energy-saving five-layer dryers, one energy-efficient double-layer roller kiln, a smart glazed tile polishing line and squaring & chamfering line. It is the first time that Chinese press entered South Korea. KEDA made a major breakthrough of press and kiln in South Korea market.

Highlight of Double-layer roller kiln

ARFC proportional combustion system
RID roller detection system
RSC remote monitoring
10% energy saving

Highlight of Press KD5008

Fast pressing speed
Uniform density of tile
Stable running
Energy saving


Press KD5008

Five-layer dryer


Double-layer kiln


NC final processing equipment


Smart Production Line of Xiejin-Smart Control System Adopted First Time

Xiejin base is the third one of the production bases besides Fujian Quanzhou & Guangdong Zhaoqing, which is featured with automatic, intelligent and environmental friendly. KEDA contracted the engineering of phase I (the glaze polishing tile) and phase II (glaze polishing tile and large slab), and supplied machinery including raw material preparation, press, dryer, kiln, polishing line & packing line.
Smart control system
The smart control system is adopted first time, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the data, realize the transparency of the factory production, and truly achieve "process management".
30% labour force reduced
The production line of Xiejin is a symbol of building ceramic smart production of China, thanks to the application of the smart production system, the employees of two production lines are reduced by 30% compared with conventional production lines.
SRS fume exchange system
KEDA patented SRS fume exchange system is used first time, which lowers drying contamination and be friendly to environment.

Parameters (Based on 800×800mm glaze polishing tile)


Raw material preparation equipment

Spray dryer T1300PWT

Press KD10008

5-layer dryer

Patented SRS fume exchange system


NC squaring & chamfering machine

Smart control system



Rock Slab Production Line—KEDA Offers Solution for Slab Cutting Crack Settling

In 2018, KD16008A press and super-wide kiln for rock slab were introduced to E’meishan Jintao Ceramics Industry, with its excellent product quality and cooperate with well known enterprises in China, KEDA helps the Jintao Ceramics to be one of the most powerful enterprise for the rock slab production.
The first 3.2m wide kiln for the rock slab in the world.
Currently, 1.7~2.5m kiln is used for the rock slab production in China, the Jintao Ceramics is the first to use the super-wide kiln for the rock slab in the world.
Innovative technology helps to offer the solution for the slab crack settling during cutting.
The toughness of the rock slab, also called cutting crack, directly determines the performance of the rock slab. The advantage of Jintao rock slab (brand: Ebi Ancient Rock) is to reduce the cost by increasing the output rate. Besides even charging of KD16008A pressing system, KEDA utilizes the ideal length ratio of pre-heating, firing and cooling; develops a differential pressure proportional combustion control system to improve the uniformity of the oxidizing atmosphere; specially designed high-precision transmission system & kiln temperature field uniform system, transverse combustion and many other kiln optimization designs completely solve the problem of rock slab crack during cutting.


Press KD16008A

Wide kiln for rock slab